The Climate In Salt Lake Utah Is Diverse And Undpredictable

Climate In Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah is part of the lovely landscape of the southwest. This is a unique part of the country, with a gorgeous natural landscape. What’s the weather like there? You know there are mountains to the west, the desert, California sunshine an more, but kind of climate can you expect in Salt Lake Utah? You might be surprised to find out that the residents of this city enjoy quite the diversified climate pattern.

There is almost no place like it, and we’re talking extremes in all directions when it comes to the four seasons. You’re going to get a summer alright, and along with those extremely hot temperatures, one digression is that the humidity is lacking during those months for the most part. It’s still going to be hot and dry, and that dryness is quite the contrast to what you would experience during the spring and fall.

In other words, the city gets plenty of rain during those two seasons. And then there is winter, which you would want to be ready for. It gets really cold there, and yes, there is plenty of snow. The average high during January is just 38 degrees, and it’s not much different for December and February. The average high during the summer in July is 90, so that’s not too bad in comparison to other areas of the country whose temperatures are near 100 often during the hottest time of the year.

While it does rain quite a bit during the spring and fall according to the experts, the average annual rainfall is right at under 19 inches. How many inches of snow do you think Salt Lake Utah gets each year? It gets around 47 inches of snow. Doesn’t that sound like quite a lot?

Not long ago, Salt Lake City was going through a drought. It’s been a little over a decade now, but the drought lasted for a significant period. It also seems quite odd to report that considering the type of climate the city is used to enjoying. It’s understandable in many ways though because it also seems like part of the climate in Salt Lake City is the weather can be rather unpredictable. Not many cities have as diverse of a climate pattern as SLC. How does your city stack up against this southwestern tourist destination?