The Hogle Zoo At Salt Lake Utah

Hogle Zoo

Salt Lake Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a wonderful treasure located at the beginning of Emigration Canyon. It has been entertaining people of all ages since 1931. The zoo is spread out over a beautiful 42-acre parcel of land. The meandering tree-covered pathways and natural hillside terrain will enhance your visit as you and your family discover the many wonders of our natural world.

Some of the exhibits include the Creekside Play Area, the daily public Giraffes Feedings, the African Savanna, and the recently added Lighthouse Point Splash Zone. All visitors will be able to experience up close unique wildlife connections and experiences where the visitor will have an incredible opportunity to feed and interact with some of the more popular animals.

The Hogle Zoo indeed has something for everyone. You will see hundreds of different animals that represent hundreds of different species. For anyone who enjoys the splendor of the animal kingdom this visit to the zoo will be truly a remarkable opportunity to behold. The African Savanna is a part of the zoo where you will be delighted to see ostriches, zebras, giraffes, and lions as they roam throughout the savanna.

The Rocky Shore exhibit is something not miss as you will see a variety of animals such as the grizzly bear, sea lions, polar bears, seals, bald eagles, and river otters. The Asian Highlands exhibit is a recreation of a Himalayan village that includes five endangered cat species from Asia. There is also the Elephant Encounter where Salt Lake City meets the Serengeti. This encounter highlights white rhinos and elephants.

Another fantastic thing to do at the zoo takes a ride on the Conservation Carousel. This carousel will take children of all ages for a whimsical spin on a variety of the world’s most threatened and endangered animals. Each animal that your children will ride on is a unique work of art. The animals have been painted and hand carved by skilled craftsmen and once again all of the proceeds from this ride will go to the fantastic work that is being done at the Hogle Zoo.

Therefore, the next time you visit Salt Lake Utah make sure that you take some time to visit this world renowned zoo. You can purchase tickets at the gate or you can purchase tickets online. The zoo also has an easy to navigate website to help you understand why a visit is well worth considering.