Things To Do In Salt Lake Utah

Things To Do

Salt Lake Utah is a state capital that has spent almost two centuries watching other big cities grow up. During those last two centuries Salt Lake Utah has been building, learning, and editing. The people of Salt Lake City are laid-back like the people in Seattle but the difference is that in Salt Lake City it is sunny five days a week. Seattle is a beautiful city but it sure rains a lot.

Some people say Salt Lake City is similar to Boston because it is folksy but the people of Salt Lake City do not have a strange accent like they do in Boston. You will find fancy theaters and restaurants in Salt Lake City just like you will in New York but the rent for a studio apartment in New York City will get you a 3000 ft.² apartment in Salt Lake City. The area has so much to offer including skiing, snowboarding, fishing, mountain bike riding, hiking, boating, camping, golf, shopping, dining, and so much more.

For anyone who loves the great outdoors a trip to Salt Lake City is a must. The city rests in a mountain bowl and it is close to 4 world-class ski resorts. To the east there are hundreds of options for biking, hiking, camping, and climbing. If you like to boat and float then a trip to the western Great Salty Lake may be your first choice. Of course, there is always the option of playing on one of the many championship golf courses.

If you prefer to be entertained indoors then you can find a variety of exciting things to do. There are fantastic restaurants, blockbuster theaters, art houses, ballet, opera, shopping malls, museums. You can attend a professional basketball game, soccer game, baseball game, or hockey game. If the nightlife is your scene then you will not be disappointed in Salt Lake City.

If you enjoy fishing and camping, a trip to the East Canyon Reservoir which is located in the mountains that are northeast of Salt Lake City is the perfect location to relax. The reservoir has a nice campground that is located approximately 28 miles northeast of Salt Lake City. The entrance fee to the reservoir is $10 per vehicle which includes a watercraft launch. Seniors can pay $35 for an annual pass and the reservoir is open year-round from 6 AM to 10 PM. Yes, you will love Salt Lake City and the surrounding area.